In-Chat Votes
Map change: RTV
Repeat map: MORE
Kick player: VOTEKICK
Remove RPG from map: NORPG

In-Chat Commands
Use jet: JET
Play music: MUSIC
Menu (ranks, music volume etc.): MENU
Change your player model: MODELS
Chage to Rebel or Combine : REBEL / COMBINE
Time left for current map: TIMELEFT
Display the time: THETIME
Cluster bomb: CB
Spectate: SPEC or SPP
Joingame: JOIN or JNN
Reset your score: RS
Activate translator: T
Comit suicide: KILL

In-Chat Info
Display commands: HELP
Display ranks: RANKS
Display bans: BANS
Display events: EVENTS
Server settings
Server speed : 1.2
Map duration : 12 minutes
All weapons at respawn: Yes
Gravity: 580
Mini and Maxi rate: 10 000 / 100 000
Mini and Maxi CMD rate: 66
Mini and Maxi Updaterate: 66
Max ping authorized: 350
3 Jet given per map played

Rank and points
Crossbow Bonus: 250
Overkill: 1 000
Postal: 5 000
Sensei: 10 000
Kill a Postal: 5 000
Kill a Sensei: 10 000
Jihad: 500
Multikill: 500
First Blood: 500
Kill a banned player: 1 000
Team Killer: -50
Suicide: -100
Choose from these available models - say the model name in the chat to change
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